This is a small image of the cover of The INs and OUTs of FOCUS.This is a small image of the cover of FOCUSING the VIEW CAMERA.

The INs and OUTs of FOCUS and FOCUSING the VIEW CAMERA are available for download. I regard these as a sort of shareware: anyone may download them, have a look at them, and if you find either or both help you, payment of a $5 fee (for each) would be welcomed by the author. You may view it on screen or even print it, but you may not sell copies (electronic format or otherwise). You may distribute it freely, but not charge for so doing. You may use it however you like for your own non-commercial purposes, but not change it. If you wish to use some of the chapters or illustrations in lectures or workshops, please do so, but don't reproduce any portion of the book (illustrations or text) in commercial works.

The PDF file for The INs and OUTs of FOCUS is about 2.1 MB in size. It can be viewed and/or printed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader, version 3.0 or later. Illustrations that were originally in colour, are in colour in this file, and all illustrations can be viewed much larger than in the printed book.

The PDF file for FOCUSING the VIEW CAMERA is only about 2.0MB in size. Size was kept small by limiting the resolution of photographic illustrations and by not using any internal hyperlinks. Although the file should be viewable in early Acrobat Reader versions, version 5 or later will show the proper page numbers and thus aid in navigating around the book. (An iPad does not recognize the actual page numbers, however.) The original version made available here (FVC16.pdf) did not work well on the Apple iPad: some figure captions were not in italics and, more importantly, most (but not all) greek angle symbols were missing. FVC161 corrects these problems, although pages may sometimes appear blurred, and the actual page numbers are not recognized; waiting a couple of seconds or paging back one page and forward again seems to correct the blurred pages. FVC161 seems to work without these symptoms on a computer.

For payments, a personal (US or Canadian) cheque or postal money order should work fine. Just mail to:

Harold M. Merklinger
P.O. Box 494
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Canada B2Y 3Y8.

By downloading this file, you are agreeing to the terms set out above.

For The INs and OUTs of FOCUS, download here (2.1 MB).

For FOCUSING the VIEW CAMERA, download here (2.0 MB)

Since these are PDF files, browsers that have the Acrobat Plug-in will probably try to open it in the browser. If this happens, you should still be able to "save" the file to your disk, once the file has downloaded completely. Probably more convenient is to right-click or (on a Mac) click-and-hold or Control-click then choose "Save this link as..." or "Download link to disk" in order to download the file without opening it first. The default names of the files are "TIAOOFe.pdf" and "FVC161.pdf".


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