McKenney, Perry and Hagar Families
of Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada;
with descendants to 1910, and some of their ancestors

Florence L. Hagar (1860-1935) and Thomas K. McKenney (1855- 1935)
of Roseway, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

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- Approx.6,100 people born before 1911.

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McKenney, Perry and Hagar Family Tree
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This site is focused on four families who settled in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada in the late 1700s.

- John Samuel McKenney Sr., a United Empire Loyalist, settled in 1783 at Roseway in Shelburne County. Family legend says that he had been a farmer in Albany, New York, and escaped with his children, to Pennsylvania, during the American Revolution.

- Samuel Perry, a United Empire Loyalist, left Sandwich, Massachusetts in September 1777, for Rhode Island, and came to Cape Negro Harbour East, in Shelburne County, about 1784. His grandson in a diary referred to him as "the wrestler" because he was keen on arm wrestling.

- Silas Perry, a United Empire Loyalist, was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts. He fled from there to Long Island, New York, where he married. He was granted land at Shelburne township, Nova Scotia, in 1784.

- Amos Hagar, a native of Watertown, Mass., moved to Doane Bay, Shelburne County, NS about 1798.


This information presented here should be regarded as a guide only. It is based on a wide variety of sources, sometimes conflicting, and no claim can be made concerning accuracy. Some but not all of the sources are shown in the detailed family tree. Changes will be made from time to time. New information from readers is welcome, provided the source of the information is also given.


Acknowledgement is made of contributions by the following people:
  • My father, the late Melvin Walter Trenholm of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • The late Dorothy (Hagar) Freeman of Ottawa, Bedford and Shelburne.
  • Lewis L. Perry of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Sally (Emery) King of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Other specific contributions are given in the source references.


These families, who settled in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, are intermarried, with many descendants in common. And so the family trees, including some ancestors, have been combined into one large tree with many branches and offshoots. There are approximately 6,100 people in the index,

A plus sign (+) means that more children are listed in source documents.

An asterisk (*) indicates an ancestor of my grandfather Samuel James Moses McKenney (1891-1967).

A first name in lower case (e.g. "baby john") means the person died very young and did not marry.

This graphic tree may be entered in several ways:

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Go directly to Amos Hagar (1769-1841).

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The Bibliography contains detailed information for some of the sources used for the Reid, McKenney, Hagar & Perry Family Trees. To save space, the longer or most frequently used references have been moved to the Bibliography, for easier access. In the Family Tree reference list, these references are given by short names:
[Cem.] for Cemetery; [Census] for Census; [Coll.] for other large collections; [FBible] for Family Bible; [FGEN] for Family Genealogy; [I] for information from an individual; [LHG] for Local History and Genealogy; [Prop.] for Wills, Deeds, Estate Administration and other legal property matters; [VS] for Vital Statistics.
Bibliography for Reid, McKenney, Hagar and Perry Families


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