Family of
John Reid (1789-1862) & Griselda Doherty (1794-1846)
of New Brunswick, Canada

Photo: Their grandson George Spencer Reid (1864-1941)
and his wife Margaret Belle Stevens (1870-1952)
of Beersville, Kent County, New Brunswick

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- Approx. 4,200 people born before 1911.

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Family Tree for Reid, Doherty and related Families
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John Reid was a native of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Family legend says that John came to New Brunswick about 1815 with two brothers; one went to Prince Edward Island and one to Newfoundland. His wife Grisilda Doherty was from the parish of Reagh in County Donegal. She came about 1820 with her widowed mother and siblings. They landed at Saint John, New Brunswick and made their way by schooner and on foot, to Great Village, an Irish community in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Grisilda and John were married at Sackville, Westmorland County, NB in 1821. John Reid lived first at Mundleville, and then Beersville, Kent County, NB after the death of his wife. Their son Robert W. Reid was born 1822 at Point de Bute, Westmorland County, NB and settled at Beersville, Kent County, New Brunswick.


The information presented here should be regarded as a guide only. It is based on a wide variety of sources, sometimes conflicting, and no claim can be made concerning accuracy. Some but not all of the sources are shown in the detailed family tree. Changes will be made from time to time. New information from readers is welcome, provided the source of the information is also given.


Acknowledgement is made of contributions by the following people:
  • My father, the late Melvin Walter Trenholm of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Bill Morris, of Rexton, Kent County, NB
  • Bill Shirley of USA
  • Scott Agnew of Moncton, NB
  • Other specific contributions are found in the source references.

FAMILY TREE for Reid, Doherty and related families

John Reid, Griselda Doherty, their descendants, ancestors and cousins are included in this family tree. There are approximately 4,200 people in the index, **BUT ONLY THOSE BORN BEFORE 1911**.

A plus sign (+) means that more children are listed in source documents.

A first name in lower case (e.g. "baby john") means the person died very young and did not marry.

An asterisk (*) indicates an ancestor of my grandmother Clara Jean (Reid) MacKenney (1889-1980).

DNA information. Mitochondrial DNA is passed through the female line, from mother to child. My maternal lineage passes through Clara Jean (REID) MacKENNEY (1889-1980). My personal DNA test has shown the Haplogroup H, SubGroup h, which is a very typical Western European line. My unbrokenl line of female ancestors has been marked with "Hh" or ** beside each name. If you share one of these female ancestors, through an unbroken line of females, then your mitochondrial DNA result should be the same.

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The Bibliography contains detailed information for some of the sources used for the Reid, McKenney, Hagar & Perry Family Trees. To save space, the longer or most frequently used references have been moved to the Bibliography, for easier access. In the Family Tree reference list, these references are given by short names: [Cem.] for Cemetery; [Census] for Census; [Coll.] for other large collections; [FBible] for Family Bible; [FGEN] for Family Genealogy; [I] for information from an individual; [LHG] for Local History and Genealogy; [Prop.] for Wills, Deeds, Estate Administration and other legal property matters; [VS] for Vital Statistics.
Bibliography for Reid, McKenney, Hagar and Perry Families


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